Who Needs Gun Crime Statistics?

Gun control pros and cons

Gun crime statistics are compiled for a purpose. People who take the pains to study gun control facts and compile gun crime statistics intend that these statistics are taken note of by the people concerned and appropriate action taken to rectify the picture presented by these facts. But our legislators do not seem to be concerned about gun death statistics. The only people who seem to be interested in knowing the gun control pros and cons are those who have been keeping the gun control debate alive by bringing in new information as and when such information comes to their notice.

If you are one of those interested in gun crime statistics, you will see some presented in this article. Though there are innumerable facts and figures related to gun violence, I will mention only four of them here.

1) Every year, 30,000 people in our country are killed by the use of firearms. Why does this have to happen? When people can get free access to guns, the chances of some of them using the weapons for committing crimes will always be there.

2) Sometimes, comparative gun crime statistics provide us a better understanding of the gravity of a situation than absolute figures alone could. if somebody thinks that 30,000 gun deaths per year is not a big figure for a country like the United States, he is mistaken. Because, another study reveals that the US is placed in a worse position than South Africa, if the ratio of gun deaths to the population is considered.

3) Another disturbing piece of gun crime statistics is that the number of children becoming victims of gun violence is higher in those regions that have a high rate of gun ownership. The news about the safety of our children should definitely be a cause of concern to all of us.

4) It has been found that strict gun control laws can act as a deterrent against not only murders but also suicides.

Unfortunately, gun crime statistics like the above seem to be falling on deaf ears, if we consider the attitudes of our legislators. Some of them seem to be driven by the fear of losing their primaries if they do not toe the anti gum control stand of the National Rifles Association (NRA), since the NRA has been threatening them that it will work for their defeat in case they do not support its stand.

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