Some Gun Control Facts For You

Gun control

Do you take notice of the gun control facts? Many people do not. Gun control facts have been constantly staring at us from the pages of newspapers, television news reports and discussions, gun control articles appearing in periodicals etc. But many people do not pay attention to them for two reasons. Statistics in general do not make interesting reading and so are gun crime statistics. This is understandable. But the second reason is disturbing. Many people believe that gun control facts need not be of concern to them. It is this attitude shown by a large number of people that enables anti gun control groups to aggressively promote their case without bothering to look at the gun control pros and cons.

if you look at a few gun control facts, you will understand why it is necessary for everyone to be concerned about gun death statistics. Here are some facts.

1) The number of deaths caused by guns in the United States is estimated to be 30,000 per year. Don’t you think that this figure is high and that gun crime should be curbed to make us all feel safer living in this great country?

2) The number of guns relative to the population is one of the highest for the US. There are 89 guns for every 100 Americans. This is nearly equal to one gun per person including just born children! Does this figure not look abnormally high?

3) Another information revealed by gun control facts is that about 60 percent of the murders involve the use of guns. It will be easy for you to see the connection between high gun ownership and a high rate of gun usage in crimes.

4) The gravity of the situation presented by the above gun control facts is compounded by the fact that children living in the areas that have a high gun ownership face a higher risk of getting killed by guns, compared to children living in other areas.

Unfortunately, these gun control facts do not seem to have any impact on the anti gun control lobbies. The NRA (National Rifles Association), which has been leading the anti gun law lobby goes to the extent of threatening the legislators that they will be defeated in the primaries if they do support the position of the NRA on the gun control issue.

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