Gun Crime Statistics Present A Grim Picture

Gun control essay

Why should an average person be concerned with gun crime statistics? Day in and day out, we are flooded with so much of statistics that we are apt to be fed up with them. But gun death statistics cant be dismissed cursorily. These present the gun control pros and cons in perspective.

When we talk about gun crime statistics, we have to start with homicides. Homicides are so common that an average reader of the newspaper may not even pay attention to news items about them. But the information that a high percentage of homicides fall under gun deaths cannot but disturb even an impassive person.

Take another piece of gun crime statistics. This is about children. You will naturally be more concerned about it, because it concerns children. If you have a gun in your house, what are the chances of a kid in your house getting hold of it? If you think that the chances are remote, you will be startled by the gun control statistics that nearly 40 percent of the children can get hold of the guns from the safe places stored by their parents! Read this along with another data about children that regions that have more households with guns have also recorded more gun deaths of children.

Gun crime statistics cannot but cover homicides. Research shows that gun death forms an unusually high percent of 60 percent of homicides. And every year, about 30,000 people are killed by guns in America. There is no wonder that gun death statistics compiled for various countries show that the US occupies a place worse than South Africa does, when the number of deaths per 10,000 people is considered.

Gun control facts point out how even the United States Economy is affected by the evil of gun death. There is an estimated loss of $3.7 billions to the economy on account of gun deaths.

Gun crime statistics, thus, are of great help in understanding the issue of gun control in all its dimensions and make the gun control debate more meaningful.

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