Gun Control Articles Have Done Their Job

Gun control

What is the role of gun control articles? In general some articles have the purpose of entertaining the readers and some have the purpose of enlightening them. Gun control articles fall under the second category. By discussing the gun control pros and cons, gun control articles help the readers have a clear understanding of gun control facts.

Gun control articles give a lot of statistics. The gun crime statistics given by them show the severity of the gun control issue. I read in a gun control article that gun death is not an isolated event affecting only an individual. It affects even the economy. The United States suffers an economic loss of 3.7 billion dollars every year on account of gun deaths. People who learn this kind of facts from gun control articles will definitely ponder over the need for measures to control gun ownership.

Why do people own guns? The reason given by the pro gun people is that owning a gun will protect us from possible attacks by criminals. But gun control articles reveal another side of gun ownership. They quote gun crime statistics to show that in about 40 percent of the households that have guns, children will be able to access the guns because they know where the guns are kept. After learning this fact, people will think twice about owning a gun. This is how gun control articles spread the awareness about the consequences of unrestricted gun ownership.

Gun control articles also highlight another fact by analyzing gun death statistics. The US fares worse than South Africa when we compare the ratio of gun deaths to the number of people living in the country. This is a shocking revelation about the perils of gun ownership. Gun control articles have also examined the claim made by the pro gun lobby that having more guns will help reduce crime and found that there is no evidence to support this dubious claim.

In spite of all such gun control facts discussed in detail by gun control articles, there are some legislators who are determined to ensure that the demand for strict gun control laws is weakened. They create rules which will prevent the CDC from studying gun violence and hence prevent more facts coming out. But the gun control facts already highlighted by gun control articles create sufficient ground for stricter gun control.

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