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Why It’s Difficult to Get Gun Control Facts

Gun death

The internet and the airwaves are flooded with gun control articles these days. Since the tragedy in Newtown there is a new energy to confront failed gun laws. However, most people feel that the gun control pros and cons debate is decidedly skewed in favor of those who are pro weapon. We deserve to know ALL the gun control facts.

A recent well investigated gun control essay in Huffington Post sheds some light on the situation. While the the sentiment of millions upon millions of Americans is for stricter gun laws, they are unorganized. On the other hand, the tiny minority that favors easy access to extremely devastating military assault weapons and fewer rules for handgun purchasing is highly organized.

The reason for the imbalance in the debate is the NRA. The National Rifle Association grew from a harmless sportsman’s group dedicated to promoting gun safety into one of the loudest, most well organized lobbying corporations in America. The NRA is the marketing arm of the $12 BILLION arms industry. They do not want Americans to know gun control facts.

The NRA now has a 300 million dollar annual budget. With only about four million members paying $25 a year, the balance of $299 million comes from corporations, endorsements and the donations of arms manufacturers.

The NRA has worked relentlessly to both frame and confuse the debate. Gun control facts are distorted and replaced with false constitutional issues. They encourage a small army of gun extremists to write internet stories that confuse the public. They have established themselves as the voice of gun owners while in fact their policies directly oppose the wishes of even their own membership. NRA members are as horrified with the number of gun deaths in America as anyone else. A poll conducted in 2012 by Republican pollster Frank Luntz for Mayors Against Illegal Guns, found that 74 percent of NRA members support mandatory background checks for all gun purchases. The NRA is adamantly opposed to this simple rule.

Americans deserve to get all the gun control facts and to hear a debate presented on an equal footing. That means the NRA, as an industry lobbyist, must be excluded from the conversation.

Gun control facts

A disturbing finding is the correlation between the ownership of guns and homicide of
children in many places. This point can support gun control pros and cons equally well.
While the advocates of stricter laws on gun control will interpret this to suggest that owning
guns often ends up getting the opposite results, people on the other side will point out that
such a correlation is irrational and possibly the child victims might have belonged to the
households that didn’t own guns.

There is yet another piece of statistics stating that about 30,000 people in the U.S. die of
gunshots. This can be an input for both gun control pros and cons. You can look at this figure
as alarming and plead for restrictions on gun ownership. But the other argument can be that
only a liberal policy of allowing people to own guns can bring down this kind of deaths.

Apart from causing deaths and injuries, gun crimes also take a toll on the economy. The loss on
account of various crimes involving guns is calculated as 3.7 billion dollars. This only adds
another dimension to the issue but doesn’t contribute to the scoring points for gun control
pros and cons