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A List of Gun Control Pros and Cons

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Here is a small list of gun control pros and cons. I have listed only a few of the gun control facts among the large number of gun control pros and cons since most of these have been widely discussed in gun control debates.

Let me start with arguments in support of gun control:

1) Gun control facts reveal that though the population of the United States is only 5 percent of the population of the world, the number of privately owned guns in the US is 50 percent of the privately owned guns in the world. This mismatch between the share of the population of the world and that of the number of guns available in the world is a strong factor in favor of gun control. This appears to be a strong point.

2) Gun control pros and cons should also include experiences of countries that implemented stricter gun control. These countries have been able to get positive results. Australia, for example, has found that after it had tightened the gun control laws, the gun violence was brought down by about 60 percent. This part of the gun death statistics is a strong factor in favor of stricter gun control laws for the US. This also counters the argument made by the anti gun control groups that allowing people to own guns will help in reduction of crime.

Here are the arguments against gun control that form a part of gun control pros and cons.

1) In a democracy, there cannot be any control. Hence there should be no gun control laws. This argument does not appear to be reasonable for two reasons. One, having controls is not against democracy. Control is a part of governance. Two, gun control has the aim of curbing violence, not gun ownership. Since violence can lead to anarchy, preventing anarchy is essential to help the cause of democracy.

2) The right to own and bear guns is a sovereign right given by the second amendment and this right cannot be taken away by other laws. This argument can be countered on the fact that since nearly 99 percent of the second amendment was created on the basis of inputs given by people with no legal background, amending the right given by this amendment may not be wrong.

The policy of the NRA not to accept any compromise cannot be included in gun control pros and cons.

Do You Want To Join the Gun Control Debate?

Gun control pros and cons

The gun control debate is an ongoing exercise. It will be difficult to say when it started but the debate has intensified over the years. Though the arguments for or against gun control may be on traditional lines, new information added by gun crime statistics provides the needed fuel to ensure that gun control remains a burning issue. If you want to join the gun control debate, you should keep yourself updated on gun crime statistics so that you can use them effectively. I do not know which side you will take on the gun control debate but I will be covering a few points to be used in support of gun control.

Since gun ownership remains a point of contention, you need to use gun crime statistics having a bearing on gun ownership, in the gun control debate. A census of guns owned by people in the United State presents an interesting picture. If we calculate the number of guns relative to the population, the figure works out to be 89 guns for 100 people. You can dramatize this fact in the gun control debate by pointing out that this means that on an average, there is almost one gun for every American, including children!

Apart from discussing gun control facts, you should also deal with the stand of the people opposing gun control and expose some of their lobbying activities which will show that they are interested not in a healthy gun control debate but only in getting what they want using whatever means they can. The approach of the NRA (National Rifles Association), the leader of the anti gun control group, to the issue is not in keeping with the spirit of the gun control debate. The NRA has made it clear that it will not compromise on its stand. Where is the scope for a debate when one adopts such a stand? Another disturbing development is the activity of some legislators whose loyalty to the NRA is well known to all. These legislators seek to sabotage the process of collection of gun death statistics by creating strange rules that seem to be specifically aimed at preventing the CDC from even studying gun violence. This kind of activities of the NRA and its supporters makes one wonder whether the NRA is a gun club as its name suggests or it is a highly paid lobby.

Gun Control Is The Need of the Hour

Gun control pros and cons

Of late, we have been hearing reports that strengthening the gun control laws has been engaging the attention of the government. This should be heartening to those who have realized the importance of bringing in laws to check the growing incidence of gun crime. We cannot keep ignoring gun control facts that show the gravity of the situation so clearly that no one can miss the reality. We have been debating the gun control pros and cons for too long, without taking any action and allowing the situation to deteriorate.

People who have been watching the gun control debate will be aware of the facts relating to gun death. Gun crime statistics cover a range of factors from the extent of gun ownership in our country to the impact of gun legislation on crime in those countries that have brought in an effective gun control regime. The gun ownership data shows that the ratio of guns owned to the population is very high for the United States. This is revealed by the fact that people in our country own about half of the total guns available in the world, while the US population is only about 5 percent of the population of the world.

Another item of data that will strongly support the need for greater gun control is that countries that have taken the decision to go in for strong gun control laws have seen a significant decline in the number of murders. Gun control facts thus show that more guns lead to more gun violence and that greater gun control leads to decrease in crime.

In contrast, the arguments advanced by the anti gun control groups lack conviction. One of the claims made by these groups is that the right to gun ownership granted by the 2nd amendment in an inviolable right. The weakness of this argument stems from the fact that almost the entire law was based on the inputs provided by people who had no legal background. Another argument of these people that gun control has no place in a democracy ignores the fact that for democracy to survive, tyranny has to be curbed. Gun control laws are aimed not at preventing people from owning guns but at checking tyranny. But such arguments will have no impact on bodies like the NRA (National Rifles Association) who follow a policy of no compromise.

Have A Look At Gun Crime Statistics

Gun control pros and cons

Why should we look at gun crime statistics? The obvious answer is that by looking at gun crime statistics, we have a better understanding of the gun crime scene. But this does not happen with some people. For them, gun death statistics are just some numbers with no significance. This attitude may be assumed for two reasons. Some people do not understand the significance of gun crime statistics. For some other people, gun control facts are irrelevant since they do not support their side in the gun control debate!

The second category of people, as you might have guessed, belong to the anti gun control lobby. This lobby is led by the National Rifles Association (NRA). Though the NRA is an association by its name, it is little more than a lobby of people claiming the right to own guns irrespective of the consequences of uncontrolled gun ownership revealed by gun crime statistics. The NRA has a policy of not compromising on its rigid stand against gun control. Obviously, gun crime statistics will be of no concern to the NRA and its supporters.

Te picture presented by gun crime statistics will be disturbing for anyone but uncomfortable for the anti gun control groups. Let us take a look at just a few facts revealed by gun control statistics. The number of deaths caused by the use of guns every year in the United States is estimated to be in the range of 30,000. Another fact is that the gun ownership ratio is the highest for the US. People in our country own about 50 percent of the guns in the world though our country holds only about 5 percent of the population of the world. We can see a clear correlation between high rate of gun ownership and high rate of gun deaths.

Another disturbing fact revealed by gun crime statistics is that in places that have a large number of people owning guns, not only the number of murders but also the number of suicides is high. Thus gun crime statistics show that unrestricted ownership will result in not only a large number of murders but also a large number of suicides.

Checking Gun Death Brooks No Delay

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Everyday, several people become victims of gun death. We all know that death is inevitable but we cannot say the same thing about gun death. Gun death, after all, is very much preventable, if only we are willing to act.

Gun death statistics are staring at us from the newspaper pages but most of us just ignore it treating them to be of no concern to us. We should understand that though statistics are given in figures, they are not just numbers. Gun crime statistics should be read like a report on crimes committed by the use of guns. Such an attitude will make us identify with the cause of gun control instead of treating gun death as yet another crime report in a newspaper.

Who is concerned about gun death? If we look at the fact that a large number of articles being written about gun crime, we can understand that a number of people are concerned at the tragedy of gun death and want something done to check gun crime. On the other hand, we have certain lobbies that are keen on preventing any strong gun laws from coming into existence. These lobbies are led by the National Rifles Association (NRA).

The NRA and its supporters counter the arguments in favor of preventing gun death by invoking the second amendment. Their logic is that the right of gun ownership given to us by this law should not be taken away. The flaw in this argument is that any law is subject to change. It is also relevant to remember that 99 percent of the information for the second amendment was prepared by people who never went to college, leave alone the fact that they had no legal background. The supporters of NRA also claim that in a democracy, we cannot have laws controlling gun ownership. They ignore the fact that democracy can survive only if anarchy is prevented and gun control measures are a way to prevent lawlessness.

Legislators who should be in the know of gun control facts are expected to weigh gun control pros and cons and act appropriately. But we have some pro NRA legislators who have no qualms about making rules to ensure that the National Institute of Health will be hampered in its efforts to study the problem of gun violence leading to gun death.

Has Gun Death Been Accepted As Normal?

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Has gun crime reached such high proportions that people have chosen to accept gun death as a normal event? Though such a development will be shocking, the reality seems to indicate this to be the case. If we were perturbed by gun death, we will not be sitting on gun death statistics. We, the people of this country have a responsibility to the collective welfare of all of us. The attitude that I will not be concerned with gun death as long as someone close to me is not a victim, cannot be considered healthy.

People who have a nonchalant attitude towards gun death should look at the following gun control pros and cons.

1)Supporting gun control, we have the gun crime statistics revealing that about 60 percent of murders in our country are committed using guns. Does this not show that gun is perceived as a convenient death weapon by the law breakers and is preferred over other weapons like knives, clubs etc?

2)Opposing gun control, we have the familiar argument claiming the right to own guns as a sovereign right gifted to us by the 2nd amendment. But this argument is fallacious for two reasons. One, no law can be considered unchangeable. There is nothing wrong in amending a provision of the 2nd amendment. Secondly, most of the 2nd amendment, about 99 percent of it, was written by people who had never been to a college. So, there can be nothing sacrosanct about a law created by such people.

3)Another argument advanced against gun control is that, in a democracy, we cannot have laws against gun control rights. The weakness of this argument is that the very foundation of democracy is the rule of law. Hence preventing tyranny that can lead to people becoming victims of gun death is also a function of democracy.

While we can present any number of arguments in a gun control debate, the reality of gun death and the imperative need to prevent it should not be overlooked. But the National Rifles Association (NRA) which closes its eyes to the gun death tragedy, functions not like a club but like a lobby by influencing our legislators. The NRA even threatens to defeat the legislators in the primaries, if they do not support the NRA. There is no wonder that our legislators remain unmoved by the recurrence of gun death.

Will Gun Death Statistics Give Life To Gun Control Laws?

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Gun death statistics have been constantly staring at us for long but we seem to be looking elsewhere. The idea of making gun control laws stronger just remains an ideal with no concrete action being taken. Yet gun control facts cannot be ignored pretending that they do not concern us. Gun death has been assuming serious proportions over the years. Gun death statistics are getting updated with every new crime committed by the use of guns. The big question is whether these figures will succeed in awakening us from our slumber and give life to stronger gun control laws that have remained in the realm of discussions for too long.

One item of gun death statistics reveals that guns have been used in about 60 percent of homicides. This data alone should have settled the gun control debate in favor of giving more tooth to the gun control laws. But it has not happened. Deliberations on gun control pros and cons are still going on as if talking about the issue itself is a way of solving it.

Gun death statistics show that the problem has other dimensions in addition to the loss of precious human lives. Gun deaths have taken a toll on our economy as well. You may not believe it but gun crime statistics do not lie. The loss to the US economy on account of gun violence is huge. It is estimated in the range of four billion dollars per year. Should our legislators not act at least on this count? They do not even seem to be ashamed by the revelation that our country has a more dismal record of the ratio of gun deaths to population than a country like South Africa has.

Gun death statistics disturb everyone except organizations like the National Rifles Association (NRA). Though it is an association of sportsmen in name, it has been functioning like a paid lobbyist for the anti gun control groups. Gun control opponents counter gun death statistics by claiming that in a democracy, there is no place for gun control. What they fail to realize that gun control is needed to protect democracy by preventing the tyranny resulting from gun violence.

Gun Death Statistics Do Not Lie

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Gun death is a gruesome form of death. It is caused instantaneously from the bullet fired by a gun. It will be the most unfortunate experience for anyone to witness a gun death, especially if the victim is someone dear to him. You see a person lively one moment and the next moment he is dead from a bullet. It is therefore reasonable that there is a lot of concern that the prospects of gun death should be minimized by exercising some control over people possessing guns.

Many people might have learned to take death in its stride knowing too well that it is an inevitable culmination of anyone’s life events but such an attitude cannot be taken towards gun death. Gun crime facts show what the factors causing a fun death are. According to the gun death statistics, there have been a larger number of children becoming victims of gun death in places that have a larger number of households having guns. Look at this piece of information with another finding that the United States has half of the private guns of the world though the country accounts for only 5 percent of the world population! Anyone can see the risk of gun death being much higher in the US on account of this.

We can understand the gun control pros and cons by studying the experience of countries that have enacted stricter gun control laws. For example, Australia has been able to reduce the incidence of gun death by enacting stricter gun control laws which had the effect of bringing down gun violence by about 60 percent . Thus, gun control facts clearly establish a connection between gun death and gun ownership on the one hand and reduction of gun crime and stricter gun control legislation on the other.

One group in the US that seems to be neither concerned about gun death nor interested in joining a meaningful gun control debate is the National Rifles Association (NRA) which has been threatening US legislators that they won’t be able to contest the elections if they do not support the NRA stand since they would be defeated even in the primaries. Given this scenario, the prospects of gun death loom over the heads of the US citizens.