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Why Should We Compile Gun Crime Statistics

Gun control pros and cons

When we read the newspapers, we often come across gun crime statistics. I have often felt that compiling statistics may not be of much use since most of the statistics are never used. But I feel differently about gun crime statistics. They are of great use in understanding the factors behind the crimes and give the authorities the needed information to take appropriate steps to curb gun crime and thereby prevent the unfortunate phenomenon of gun death from becoming a serious problem.

But unfortunately, I find that the arguments used in a gun control debate are not always based on gun crime statistics. In the name of discussing gun control pros and cons, people engaged in this debate bring in extraneous factors and sentimental values to support their stand against a strong gun control law. One of the often heard arguments advanced by certain groups is that the gun ownership rights conferred on us by the 2nd amendment are not to be tampered with under any circumstances. Apart from countering this specious reasoning by revealing the fact that the 2nd amendment for most part was the work of people with no legal education, we should use more of gun crime statistics available in gun control articles, to turn the gun control debate in the right direction.

The information that 30,000 people in America are killed by guns is more relevant to the gun control debate than sentimental objections like the one above. An organization like the National Rifles Association, (NRA) which is in the forefront of blocking any tightening of the gun control laws follows a policy of not compromising on its rigid stand against gun control measures. It has the support of some legislators who have been blocking the efforts of independent bodies like the CDC even from making a study of gun violence. But not withstanding all the efforts put up by the anti gun control lobby, gun crime statistics like the evidence of countries with fewer guns having fewer crimes bolster the case for a stringent gun law.